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Artemis is a unique higher education pathway provider offering guaranteed access to 50+ universities and 9000+ degree programs around the world.⁣

At Artemis, we are passionate about empowering students around the world to achieve their full potential through access to quality international education. That's why we have partnered with some of the world's leading universities to give students direct admission to some of the best higher education institutions around the globe.⁣

Working with leading universities and talented people from around the world, we aim to become a premier global education provider for our students, partners and people.

Our one-of-a-kind programs guarantee students access to more than 50 top-ranked universities in the UK, USA, Australia, New Zealand,Canada and beyond - opening doors to 9000+ degree programs worldwide. Our students have the opportunity to study abroad and graduate with a Bachelor’s degree in 3 years and a Master’s degree in 1 year.

100% of our students study abroad for at least one year, and 90% get into their top choice university. With over 40,000 happy alumni, our programs are committed to helping students reach their full potential and pursue their dream education every day.⁣

Make High-Quality International Education More Accessible.

Delivering World-Class Student-Focused Educational Experiences in the Most Enriching Cities Around the World

Our Teaching Principles

Our approach is based on the following four principles:


Our students-interest always comes first.


Our professors are some of the top teachers at best-ranked schools around the country.


Our students are ready to seize the opportunities of an interconnected world.


Our students are prepared for 21st century evolving job marketplace.

Partner Universities
Degree Programs
Happy Alumni
Acceptance to first-choice university
A deep commitment to supporting

Our Partners

The universities and partners we work with trust us to make their top-notch programmes and highly-ranked degrees accessible to more students while providing the highest academic standards. Our partner universities provide the academic direction for our programs. This means that each university:

  • Determines the programme curriculum 
  • Plans the course structure and content 
  • Develops and writes the study materials 
  • Sets examination papers and grades examination scripts

Artemis partners with leading institutions and educational visionaries to:

  • Accelerate the internationalization of their higher education institution
  • Generate new and sustainable revenue streams 
  • Drive higher-quality learning and student experiences
  • Boost global profile
  • Grow a strong, more diverse student population
  • Uphold rigorous admission and academic standards

If you would like to learn more about how Artemis can partner with your school or university, feel free to contact us at info@artemiseducation.org

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