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Welcome High School Counselors

As a high school counselor, you have the power to open up bright new futures for your students.

With Artemis, you can broaden their prospects and give them the chance to study at our 50+ top-ranked partner universities across the world. At Artemis, we provide you with free resources and trips to enhance your understanding of the countless possibilities that await your students when they pursue an international degree.

Unlock inspiring futures for your students today by connecting with Artemis!

Summer High School UK University Tour

Open Your Students' Horizons - Discover the UK and its Universities and Create Lifelong Memories!

International Universities Fair

Join the International Universities Fair and Explore Top-Ranked English-speaking Universities from Around the World!

Fly-Ins and Training

Equip your Students for Success - Unique Experiences for Counselors to Gain Invaluable Insight into International Degree Opportunities!

International Year One

The Artemis International Year One is the perfect way to get a jumpstart on your international education and transfer - guaranteed - to one of our top-ranked universities in the UK, New Zealand or Australia. With this program, students get personalized guidance to help them begin their journey abroad, giving students the confidence they need to excel.

International Year One

The Artemis International Year One is the perfect way to get a jumpstart on your international education and transfer - guaranteed - to one of our top-ranked universities in the UK, New Zealand or Australia. With this program, students get personalized guidance to help them begin their journey abroad, giving students the confidence they need to excel.

Program Structure



Study the first year of your Bachelor's degree at the Artemis center of your choice: Miami, London...



Transfer - guaranteed - to one of our top-ranked partner universities in the UK, New Zealand, or Australia.



Graduate in just 3 years with your Bachelor's degree - a degree identical to those earned by students who complete their entire program at our partner universities.

+50 Partner Universities around the world

Gain direct admission to one or more of our +50 NCUK partner universities.

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Questions? You’re covered.

Graduating with a degree from our partner universities can open up many doors for you, both professionally and academically. Our partner universities are recognized around the world for academic excellence, with ten of our universities being ranked in the top 100 of the globally-renowned QS World University Rankings.

Not to mention, these degrees are fully recognized by employers and other higher education institutions worldwide. To make things even better, many of our partner universities have even been approved by the United States Department of Education to participate in its Federal Financial Aid program.

What's more, most Bachelor’s degree-level programs in Australia and New Zealand follow the British model of higher education – meaning you graduate one year earlier than your U.S friends with a three-year bachelor’s degree. You enter directly into your major area of study right away without having to take up time with general education classes or electives required within a four-year American program.

For students who want to pursue a Bachelor's degree in engineering, they should take note that US participants approve of the Washington Accord as well – an international agreement recognizing equivalent engineering degrees from U.S, UK, Australia and New Zealand as substantially equivalent. But if you wish to work in certain professional fields such as education, law, nursing, medicine, dentistry, or psychology upon returning to the US after graduating abroad – we recommend that you research the conditions and any further studies needed to get your equivalency or board certification in the US and the state where you plan to work.

Studying abroad can be an amazing opportunity to experience new cultures and broaden your educational opportunities, but it can also be a daunting challenge to arrange. That's why students should consider starting their degree with Artemis instead of studying directly at a foreign university.

By enrolling in the first year of your bachelor's degree with Artemis, you will get personalized support in choosing the right country and university for you, assistance for visa applications, housing and travel arrangements and more. Plus, you will gain college credits transferrable to our partner universities which gives you greater flexibility when deciding where to continue your studies after the first year.

Plus, the admissions for our partner universities only look at your IYOne Year grades instead of your high school grades, which means a better chance of getting accepted into top-ranked programs.

We are able to provide this tailored approach thanks to our more than 30 years of experience working with top universities in countries like UK, Australia and New Zealand.

With Artemis, students have a chance to make their international experience even more special by studying their first year at one of our centers located around the world - Miami, London or Paris! Not only do they finish the year with all the needed credits for direct entry into higher level courses at their chosen university but also having become better prepared for joining a foreign university thanks to close support from us during their first year here.

Earning a degree from an Artemis partner university abroad isn't as expensive as you might think. On average, tuition for a bachelor's degree in the UK, Australia and New Zealand is approximately $28,000 USD per year. Additionally, students should budget around $15,000 USD per year for living costs.

If you need help affording your degree program, then don't worry! Your Artemis Admissions Counselors are here to help you apply for funding sources or other forms of financial aid. Plus, most students finish their Bachelor's degrees in three years instead of four - like they would in the US - and that can save you money and get you started with your career even earlier!

Most of our Artemis partner universities in the UK, Australia and New Zealand are accredited by the U.S. Department of Education to administer the U.S. Direct Loan Program (U.S. Financial Aid/Federal Loan Program). This means you can take out US loans to cover some of the costs after your first year at an Artemis Center, as long as you are enrolled in a full-time bachelor's degree.

To apply for U.S. Federal Financial Aid, you will need to complete a FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) available from the U.S. government beginning November of the year prior to when it is applicable - but don't forget your deadlines!  We understand it can get confusing, but don’t worry – Artemis has your back and we can guide you through this process with ease!

To gain admission to Artemis, an applicant must have a GPA of 3.0/4.0 or higher and meet one of the following requirements:

  • An ACT score of 24 or higher,
  • An SAT score of 1220 or higher,
  • Two APs with a score of 3 and one AP with a score of 4 or higher.

We look for students who are passionate about learning, exploring new cultures and traveling.

Another great thing starting your college with Artemis is that our partner universities will not consider your high school grades when making an admissions decision — only your grades during your International Year One at Artemis will be considered. So you can rest assured that your hard work at Artemis will be rewarded and recognized!

By studying at Artemis - NCUK International Year One or Year Two program, not only are you receiving a world-class education, but you will also benefit from our dedicated University Admissions and Placement Service and a Guaranteed place at an NCUK partner university upon successfully passing your program. Students who pass theYear One or Year Two programs at Artemis are guaranteed a place at an NCUK university and we also offer a cascading clearing support service to ensure any students who don’t meet their grades for their first-choice university, still get a place at a similar program in one of our universities.

Artemis offers rolling admissions and limited number of spots per program each year. We offer different start dates throughout the year but our programs fill up quickly on a first-come-first-serve basis. We encourage you to apply as early as possible so that you can secure a spot! 

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