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International Year One

International Year One

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Artemis Miami

Hello! Are you ready to travel the world? start the best three years of your life? get your Bachelor from a top University? study your first year in Miami? join Artemis?

Start the 1st year of your international education at Artemis in Miami. The International Year One is recognized by 26+ partner universities as the first-year undergraduate equivalent of a Bachelor's degree.

Upon successful completion of Year One, you will benefit from a guaranteed progression to leading partner universities to complete their second and third year of an undergraduate degree in the UK, Australia, or New Zealand.

Graph explaining Artemis IYone International Year program


students took NCUK programs around the world since 1987.


of students successfully complete their second year at a partner university, after studying our Year One.


of students get into their first choice university.


For your International Year One, choose from one of five common tracks. Each track opens door to a guaranteed transfer to hundreds majors across leading universities in the UK, Australia, and New Zealand. After completing your International Year One program, you can progress to the 2nd year of a bachelor's degree at Artemis or transfer to one of our highly-ranked partner universities.

International Bachelor Degree Year One in Business Management Program

International Year One in Business Management

International Bachelor Degree Year One in Accounting & Finance Programs

International Year One in Accounting and Finance

International Bachelor Degree Year One in Events Management Courses

International Year One in Events Management

Bachelor's Degree Year One in Electrical & Electronic Engineering Courses

International Year One in Electrical and Electronic Engineering

Bachelor Year One in Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering | Artemis

International Year One in Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering

Progress to these Universities:

Successful completion of the International Year One program provides students with guaranteed access to partner Universities, with guaranteed transfer opportunities to 300+ majors across 26 leading universities in the UK, Australia, and New Zealand.

Logos of partners universities for the Bachelor Year One program

Choose from +300 Majors

Questions? You’re covered.

The Artemis International Year One is ideal for students who are looking to:

  • Earn a world-class bachelor degree only in 3 years
  • Have the ultimate international experience and study in up to 3 destinations in 3 years
  • Benefit from a personal advisor and help throughout their international university and travel experience
  • Benefit from smaller classes allowing personalized academic preparation and support a smooth transition to the professional world
  • Choose from +300 business and engineering programs at leading universities in the UK, Australia and New Zealand
  • Save cost by graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in 3 years

If you want to enjoy your college education to the fullest, live around the world, and graduate with a top university degree, then Artemis is for you.

The International Year One program is a nine month program divided in two semesters.

Like the first year of a university program, you will study a range of topics related to your chosen major. If you’re not sure which degree would be best for you, our Artemis Admission Advisors will be able to assit you you.

NCUK awards the credits and the final certificate. Upon successful completion you will receive a certificate showing that you have passed the program and a transcript that details your individual course results.

NCUK has a dedicated team that helps you with your university application. Your Artemis Academic Advisor is also dedicated to helping you. We will help you with your application and let you know about all the deadlines. With the NCUK guarantee, we ensure you get at least two conditional offers and if you pass, a guaranteed place.

We know that not all students achieve their predicted grades. Because of NCUK’s unique relationship with the partner Universities, we are able to offer a Clearing Service. If you don’t get into your first choice University, we can still find you a suitable alternative. You receive a set of guaranteed offers at the same time that you get your results. All you have to do is choose the one that’s right for you.

While Artemis prepares you to excel in your exams, NCUK is responsible for assessment and delivery of credit for each course. Assessment will be via a combination of coursework and examinations.

All programs offered by Artemis World Campus are examination preparation programs or courses. Artemis World Campus offers a variety of tests and exams, preparations courses and programs. Artemis does not confer any credits or diploma. The NCUK Exams allow students to get admitted to more than 50 partner universities in the US, UK, Australia, and New Zealand. The International Year One and Year Two programs offered by Artemis are test preparation programs that fully-prepare students to take the NCUK International Year One, International Year Two.

A student’s performance is presented on an academic transcript and an academic certificate issued by NCUK.

The transcript shows:

  • The overall grade attained for each course (the weighted mean grade of all summative assessments)
  • The credits awarded for each course - 15 credits if the course is passed (an overall course grade of greater than or equal to 40%)
  • The overall grade for the programme calculated from the mean of the eight course grades
  • The total number of credits obtained
  • The award classification for the programme 

The certificate shows:

  • The overall grade obtained for the programme
  • The total number of credits obtained
  • The award classification for the programme

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